What is Male Privilege?

Choma, striving for a gender-equal society, where women and men can enjoy living as equals- is something that is very close to me. However, in order for us to start changing the world so that we can have equal rights, we have to talk about the things that make it unequal in the first place. This means talking about the problems so that we can find solutions. One of the things that need to be spoken about in order for us to understand part of the problem with women being unequal to men, is male privilege. So, here is a quick breakdown of what male privilege is.

Male Privilege

Privilege is an advantage that one person, or a group of people, enjoy without working in any way for it. This means that simply because of who you are, things are easier for you.

Male privilege is men (and boys) having certain things made easier for them than women simply because they are male (I’ll give you examples below). Male privilege can be different from culture to culture but it’s generally something that occurs around the world. The reason that male privilege exists is because men are traditionally seen as being more superior than women (even though this is not true).

Examples of Male Privilege

  • Men are less likely to be sexually assaulted and harassed. Think about it Choma, are your male friends as afraid of walking alone in the street as your female friends?
  • Women are more likely to be shamed for doing the same things men do (like having more partners in the past)
  • There isn’t as much pressure on men to always look good or to have ‘perfect bodies’ as there is on women
  • Men might be praised or congratulated for losing their virginity earlier but women will be shamed for losing their virginity earlier
  • You’re often expected to work harder as a female at home than as a male

These are just a few examples and I’m sure you could think of a few more Choma. Of course, the point of explaining what male privilege is, is not to make men look bad but to open up the conversation about gender inequality and to question the power and privilege men still have over women.

It’s also good to understand these things so that we can speak to the males in our lives about it and also make them understand gender inequality.

Have you heard of male privilege before? What are your thoughts?

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