Why cheating is not cool

Cheating may make you popular among your peers, you could be considered a ‘cool kid’ but that’s all you will get from it — the reputation of being a heartbreaker. What a lot of people don’t talk about is how cheating can cause a lot of damage to you and your partner. Here’s why cheating is not cool.

Health risks

Engaging in sexual activity (including oral sex) with more than one person at a time, puts you at a high risk of contracting STIs, including HIV, and possibly infecting your partner. Your health is important, Choma, so don’t risk it over a moment of excitement.

Breaks the trust

A healthy relationship is built on honesty and trust. Once your partner finds out that you’ve cheated on them and have been dishonest, they may not be able to trust you again. A relationship without trust is hard to maintain – there will be constant arguing because your partner starts to question everything you do.

Hurting your partner

Your intention may not be to hurt your partner but if you cheat, everyone involved will get hurt in the end. Your partner may blame themselves, and it could affect their self esteem even way after the relationship has ended. So consider this before cheating on someone, rather break up with them if you are no longer happy than to scar them for life.

Your peace of mind

When you are cheating you always have to look over your shoulder, making sure that your partner doesn’t find out about your ‘side dish’. This means you will constantly be stressed and worried, needing to lie to cover other lies, which is definitely not worth the effort.

Having a healthy relationship can be really beneficial to you and the person you are with if you are honest with them and yourself. Cheating in a relationship can rob both of you of this positive experience and end up putting your health at risk.

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