Why Protecting Trans Women’s Rights is Important

Celebrating women’s rights, means celebrating all women – including transgender women. If someone is transgender, it simply means that they identify differently to the sex they were born as. So a trans woman is a woman who was born male but identifies as female. A lot of people don’t understand this and so they discriminate, and often attack, transgender people. Obviously Choma, this is extremely wrong because nowhere in the world should anyone be attacked for their sexual orientation or gender identification. Trans women don’t just have to fight for their right to live as women, they also have to fight for their right to simply live. Here’s why it’s so important to protect trans women’s rights:

Because equality for all is important

The most obvious reason Choma is that everyone deserves rights. There is no one who should have fewer rights than others because of the colour of their skin, the texture of their hair, their culture, their religion, their sexual orientation or their gender identification. We should all believe in each person’s rights to live a life free from discrimination and fear.

Trans women are at risk of violence

Transgender people in general are at risk of becoming victims of violence Choma. Many women are killed every year for identifying or living as trans. It doesn’t make sense that people should lose their lives over their sexual orientation or how they identify (as a man or woman) – because essentially that doesn’t affect anyone. Being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex or Asexual (LGBTQIA) actually doesn’t harm anyone. The more we protect and promote the rights of trans women, the more we create awareness about the violence and discrimination they face and call for an end to it.

Trans women face daily challenges

It’s hard to ‘come out’ and live your life as LGBTQIA in a world that still discriminates against sexual orientation and identity. For trans women, this is extremely difficult because they face discrimination in their daily lives. Many are turned away from a job because they are trans and even get paid less because they are trans. That’s completely unfair discrimination Choma. If trans women are recognised simply as women and as human, then their rights would be more respected. Trans women deserve to live a life that is fulfilled and free of the hardships that come with simply identifying as women.

By protecting trans people’s right to work, exist freely in society and have access to the things we all have access to, then we are not only protecting trans rights, we are also protecting women’s rights and human rights. Let’s not discriminate against anyone for things that don’t cause harm in society – not the colour of their skin, not their background, not their sexual orientation and not their gender.

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