Why you should use your voice as a young person 

There are so many issues that we are currently facing as the youth but society seems to be silent about them. The problem with silence is that it sends the message that we’re okay with these issues and that we can cope with them – which isn’t always true. Here’s why I would encourage you to start using your voice.

You can be heard and understood

When you speak to the right people and on the right platforms, you’re sure to be heard. When people listen, it’s a sign that they are interested in what you have to say, and when they’re interested, you’re more likely to be understood. When you’re understood, others are more willing to join you in that conversation.

You create awareness

When you speak about issues that people are either ignorant or too scared to talk about, you’re actually creating awareness about those issues. Sometimes people don’t know much about the issues that affect us, so creating awareness is another way of educating those who are unaware. So if there’s any reason to speak out, this is one of them.

You can make a difference

Your voice is more powerful than you think. By asking difficult questions or talking about important issues that people seem to be quiet about; you’re already influencing social change. The more you speak about issues such as gender inequality, access to education or basic health care, people get to hear it more and they’re more likely to want to do something about it.

I understand that speaking out can be quite scary and it takes a lot of courage and bravery, especially if you don’t know how people will react. You don’t have to be discouraged though because you can make your voice heard by simply saying that you are #DoneWithSilence when it comes to the changes that you’d like to see. 

Recently, #DoneWithSilence was launched on the Choma website. #DoneWithSilence is all about starting conversations and making your voice heard on your social media channel of choice about any change you want to see, from change in your community, change at school or work, to any type of  change you’d like to see around the world. This is a platform made for you to make your voice heard on important social issues you are done being silent about 

So How do I become part of the #DoneWithSilence campaign?

By simply creating a social media post with your message and including the hashtag #DoneWithSilence.

Click on this link to create your campaign message and view other users messages about the social issues they no longer want to be silent about.

Add a title to your campaign message, such as “I am against violence”

And then eloboarte in your post campaign message. For Example: “ Violence against women and children is unacceptable. I refuse to be a part of it by keeping quiet.” Add the #DoneWithSilence hashtag and click send.

Your voice counts towards a bigger conversation around violence. By simply taking a stand, you already contribute to the ongoing fight against it. Absolutely no one should be a victim of violence and we should all play our part towards creating a society that is free of violence and abuse.


Remember, if you or a friend need advice or help, you can contact me here on Ask Choma, send me a Facebook Message, a Twitter DM, or a WhatsApp Message (071 172 3657).