5 facts about pre-cum

Pre-ejaculation, also known as pre-cum, is often confused with sperm. Because of this, there’s been a really long debate about whether or not it actually causes pregnancy or not. To help you get a bit of an understanding about what pre-cum is, and what is isn’t, here are a few facts about it:

It is not sperm

Pre-cum is a clear, colourless fluid that is released from the penis when a guy is aroused. It normally lubricates the urethra so that semen (sperm) can move easily when it is time to ejaculate. Also, not all men release this fluid. 

You can get pregnant 

As much as pre-cum acts as a lubricant for the penis before an orgasm, it is possible for the pre-cum to contain traces of semen(sperm) that can get a woman pregnant. 

Pre-cum can spread STIs

Some STIs, like chlamydia, gonorrhoeaand hepatitis B, can be caused by bacteria – which means that they are able to live in pre-cum. This is why it’s important to always use a condom during sex. 

“Pulling out” is not always safe 

The pull out methodis ‘believed’ to be a good contraceptive but the truth is, it is not that safe. As I mentioned, pre-cum is released before the actual sperm so even if a guy pulls out just before he ejaculates, the pre-cum released before this could contain sperm and therefore result in pregnancy. This method therefore doesn’t protect you from an unplanned pregnancy or from a sexual transmitted infection as much as people think it does.

Women have it too 

Women also release pre-cum when they’re sexually excited – this is usually known as becoming “wet”. It’s absolutely natural and is actually necessary. The purpose of female pre-cum is to naturally lubricate the vagina before penetration takes place and to neutralise the acids in the vagina so that is a healthy place for sperm to survive. There have been rumours about women needing to be ‘dry’ for sex in order for a guy to enjoy sex more and for the vagina to be “tighter” (this is known as dry sex and you can read about its dangers here). This is absolutely not true and is really dangerous. If your vagina doesn’t lubricate enough naturally, use a (water-based) lubricant. Trust me, this is good for you and your partner.

Engaging in safe, protected and responsible sexual behaviouris always recommended so don’t forget to use a femaleor malecondom at all times, and remember not to have sex with anyone who makes excuses for not using a condom.

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