About Choma

Choma, a project of HIVSA, is an interactive digital mobile magazine targeted primarily at young women and adolescent girls aged between 15 and 25 years in South Africa.

Choma is your best friend, your big sister, the person that you can trust, confide in, relate to, and receive credible information and advice on a variety of topics such as HIV Prevention, Gender Based Violence, Health, Love & Relationships, Sex and Pregnancy, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty, and Entertainment and more. Choma engages with the youth through both fun and serious subject matters, but with the overall vision of connecting to young females, inspiring healthier, well-informed life choices with the overall vision of contributing towards the next HIV free generation in South Africa.

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Apart from the polls offered on this site, Choma has a range of interactive, engaging, safe and judgement-free platforms. Ask Choma– where you can ask for advice or guidance, The Quizzes where you can test your knowlege on important topics, surveys where you can engage and share with us your important opinions on these topics and lastly the monthly newsletter to stay informed on all of the above and get informative, engaging content on all your favourite topics delivered straight to your inbox each month.