5 Matric dance safety tips

Matric can be so stressful. If it’s not extra classes and slack from your educators, it’s exam pressure. So I understand that you’re just excited about attending your matric dance, and that can come with a lot of pressure- which can be overwhelming. Consider these few tips to guide you in your matric dance prep. 


It’s important to make a plan when it comes to how you’re getting to and from the matric dance so that you never get into a situation where you’re stranded. Whether it be Uber, your parents or your friend taking you to the matric dance, make sure you’ve planned for it beforehand. 

Your date

There’s always pressure to have a date for your matric dance. It’s important that, whoever you choose, that they are a safe option. Sometimes you might get a date who is attractive and can dress well, but they might also pressure you to do things on the night you don’t want to do. Make sure your date is someone you’re comfortable with. There’s also nothing wrong with your date being young friend (or friends). The point is for you to be safe and have fun – sometimes friends are the best people you can do both with.

The pressure to have sex 

If you happen to have a bae at the dance, just make sure that you guys spoke about sex before the dance. If you believe that you’re ready to have sex, make sure that you both are on the same page and carry condoms with you. But if that’s not how you get down, there’s no shame in letting him or her know that you’re not ready for sex. Remember, there’s no reason for you to feel like you needto have sex at your matric dance – no matter what anyone tells you. 

Safety in numbers

Some schools book external venues for the matric dance, so most times you might not be familiar with the place. It’s always safer to stay in groups (whether you’re at the venue or you’re headed to the after-party). Always make sure you have a friend to accompany you to the bathroom or the photo area. 

After party shenanigans

After parties can be fun but they carry more risk than the actual event. This is because there is a higher chance of people taking advantage of you. Make sure that you and your friends don’t accept any drinks from strangers or leave your drinks unattended. If your drink suddenly tastes salty, you might be at risk of ingesting the date rape drug, so make sure you get help as soon as possible.

If you’ve ticked all these boxes, there’s only fun to be had! So get on the dance floor, and enjoy the treats that have been prepared for you. Take selfies with your friends and make this night a memorable one. 

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