5 reasons why “locker room talk” is wrong

A locker room is a common name for a sport changing room and it’s often used in America. However, the locker room has also been associated with guys getting together in change rooms and discussing women in rude and vulgar ways – this is where the term “locker room talk” comes from. These days, “locker room talk” is used to describe a situation where a group of people, usually guys speak privately about women in a degrading way.  You might have even heard your guy friends doing it. It may seem harmless but it isn’t. Here are 5 reasons why locker room talk is wrong. 

It promotes sexual assault 

When people – especially guys- brag or joke about their acts of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape, it normalises this behaviour and encourages other men to do it.

It minimises the seriousness of these offences

When “locker room talk” is normalised amongst males, it gives the impression that survivors’ realities are not that serious, and leads to victim blaming.

It’s not funny 

I get that some guys would lie in a group setting in order to seem cool and respected, but there is nothing funny about sexual harassment and assault.  

For example, making a joke about how you kissed someone without their consent should not be something to laugh about.

It is disrespectful

“Locker room talk” is all about using offensive and rude language to describe men’s sexual encounters with women, whether they were given permission to or not, and that is not how a confident guy would behave.

It objectifies women

“Locker room talk” dehumanises women and it makes it seem like they are objects that men can do whatever they want with, and that is not okay. Every single person deserves to be treated with dignity regardless of their gender. 

It’s always important to remember that everyone deserves to be respected and that men, in particular, should speak out about this and help us in our fight against rape culture. 

If you know a guy who likes degrading women, then you should call them out and be #DoneWithSilence. Meaning that the next time someone makes a joke about sexual assault, let them know that you are against it and they shouldn’t do it again! 

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