5 safe spaces for men who need help

Safe spaces are meant to be places that make people feel safe and comfortable, free from bullying and harassment, as well as to allow them to express themselves freely and openly. Here are 5 safe spaces that men who need help should access.

Brothers for Life

Brothers for Life is a platform that encourages men to be responsible for their health by engaging in responsible sexual behaviour like using condoms at all times, getting tested for HIV and standing up against gender-based violence. The platform and organisation also promotes healthy relationships, as well as doing what’s right by living responsibly and positively.

Men’s Foundation 

Mens Foundation is a safe space that prioritises men’s health by offering a shoulder to cry on as well as mental health and suicide prevention help. This safe space also creates awareness for men’s sexual reproductive health by educating them about prostate and testicular cancer, and where they can get the necessary information and help.

Boys to Men  

Boys to Men is a brotherhood initiative that helps young boys transition into responsible young men. This safe space offers mentorship and educational experiences for young boys to express themselves openly without being judged. 

South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse (SAMSOSA)

SAMSOSA is an organisation that provides a support structure for male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, so that they can deal with the trauma in a healthy way; a way that helps them heal.


Me1st is a safe haven for LGBT men who need a discreet platform that provides access to information and free healthcare that is private and non-discriminatory. Me1st encourages men to prioritise their health by engaging in healthy sexual relations and offers free STI screenings, TB testing, and HIV testing.

Although some men are starting to speak out about the issues they face, we still live in a world where men are uncomfortable with expressing themselves because of the belief that a man who shows vulnerability or emotion is weak. What we don’t realise is that these expectations can be harmful and dangerous in the long run.  It is all our responsibility to remind the men in our lives that it’s okay not to be okay because they’re also human. I am #DoneWithSilence when it comes to silencing men and discriminating against them and I want you to share these safe spaces with the men in your life. Are you Choma? 

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