5 ways to practise kindness in your life

Kindness is described as the ability to be friendly, generous and considerate towards others. But In a world that promotes selfish behaviour it can be pretty hard to show kindness for the fear of being called weak or naive. Truth is, it takes strength and courage to live your life with kindness as your companion. Here are cool ways to live out your kindness.

Tell your family and friends that you love them

It’s really easy to take your loved ones for granted but that should not be the case. Most people want to hear the words, “I love you”, “I am here for you” and “I care for you,” and it’s important to say this to your loved ones as often as possible. Although it may be hard at times, you should not let things like conflict and disagreements get in the way of you reminding them that you love and care for them.

Stand up for others and yourself

When you stand up against gossip or ill-treatment of others or yourself, you are practising kindness. This shows people how they should treat you and those you care about. Another act of kindness is not allowing your friends to bully or say mean things about other people – don’t leave space for rumours and unkind words to be exchanged in your presence.

Volunteer your time

 Kindness is free and selfless. So spending a portion of your time offering your skills to people who need it, is an awesome way to show your kindness. Look for a charity organisation in your community where you can lend a hand by helping with the gardening, donating old clothes or assisting at a soup kitchen. Helping others doesn’t just make the world a better place, it will also make you feel really good about yourself.

Compliment others

Paying someone a compliment can actually make a huge difference in their day. When you acknowledge your friends’ efforts, or say something good about their appearance, you’re lifting their mood and giving them a confidence boost. Just make sure your compliments are true and encouraging, and that you’re not just doing it because you expect something in return.

Offer a listening ear

Listen to your loved ones as well as anyone who trusts you enough to share their concerns or worries with you. Giving someone a non-judgmental shoulder to cry on is great act of kindness. It’s also good to remind your friends that you’re here for them if they ever need someone to talk to, and if their problem seems too big to handle – you can always tell them to talk to me.

While kindness may not be the most talked about interpersonal skill, it sure is a rare and valuable quality to have. Don’t be discouraged by people who think something is wrong with you just because you choose to be kind. Feel free to live out your kindness. Who knows? Your friends might just be inspired to do the same!

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