5 wellness tips for winter

Winter is here and the drop in temperature can take a toll on our hair, skin, health, and weight. This season you will most likely change your wardrobe, but it’s a good idea to do the same for your body and health. Here’s more,


You can do protective hairstyles that will prevent having your hands in your hair all the time. You can do short-term styles such as buns, twists and braids and keep them in for a week or two. This season, make use of the LOC method to lock in that moisture.


It’s best to make use of a cream which is typically more moisturising during winter. Look for a cream that specifically targets dry and sensitive areas on your skin, such as Vaseline Dry skin repair body cream or use any cream of your choice and double up the protection by adding a body oil such as magnolia tissue for that extra kick. Although creams feel heavier on the skin, they do a much better job at protecting our skin.

Mental Health

Maintaining your mental health during winter is important in supporting your overall health, safety, and wellness. Don’t be ashamed to reach out to your support system and talk with those you trust when you feel like you’re struggling. Be open and discuss your concerns and how you’re managing them. These interactions can be virtual by reaching out to organisations such as SADAG, which can help build up your emotional and mental resilience.


In winter we are most likely to eat more because of the cold and the need for comfort. It’s important to balance this by drinking lots of water and keeping nutrients high by eating vegetables and healthy fats. It’s a bonus if you’re a lover of green tea as the antioxidants are an added boost for your skin and weight.

It’s important to start adapting your physical and mental regimen to the season, that way when the temperatures drop and rise your body will be ready for it. Share your wellness tips down below.

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