A beginner’s guide to make-up

Being able to wear make-up is one of the many joys of being a woman.  Whether it’s war paint or just a bit of camouflage, cosmetics can make you more confident to face the day.  Follow our steps to a natural look and avoid looking like a clown, racoon or Lil Kim.

Step 1

Start with a fresh face. Cleanse, tone and moisturise, leaving a few minutes in between each step to let your products work their magic. Make sure you use a range right for your skin type.  We love brands like Young Solution, Clean & Clear and pretty much everything from Nivea.

Step 2

Apply foundation. This step may not be necessary but if you’re looking for all over coverage, make sure you choose a shade that’s right for you. It can be a mish to find the right colour for darker skins but check out Essence for a light foundation. Charlie is also another budget-friendly product we love. Don’t worry about brushes and sponges at this stage. Just use your fingers to apply and blend and check that there isn’t a visible difference along your jaw line.

Step 3

Reach for the concealer. With or without foundation, concealer is a girl’s best friend.  Use concealer to cover up dark circles and pimples. Apply in a well-lit area and blend well. Use your finger tips to pat lightly under your eyes as the skin there is more sensitive. Remember, less is more. Resist the urge to layer on the concealer, which will just look bad.  Again, Charlie and Essence have some great concealers that won’t break the bank.

Step 4

Give love to your lashes.  Find a black, waterproof mascara that defines your lashes without making you look like a drag queen (yes, Essence from Dischem is the answer). To apply, place the brush at the base of your lashes and wiggle it to the ends.

Step 5

Fill in those eyebrows. You will be amazed how full eyebrows can change your face.  Instead of creating pencil thin lines, use a dark brown eye shadow to lightly fill in the gaps.

Step 6

Primp your pout. Get a moisturising, tinted lip balm for kissable lips. Lip Ice, Labello and even cherry flavoured Zam-buk will do the trick.