All You Need To Know About Teen Sexual Health

Teen sexual health is about how sex affects your physical and emotional health. It means knowing how to form healthy relationships and making the right decisions around sex.

As your body changes during puberty, how you think, feel, and interact with others also changes. You may have new feelings and thoughts about sex. Understanding who you’re becoming as a sexual young adult is also part of teen sexual health.

Forming healthy sexual habits

For all teens, taking responsibility for sexual health is part of growing up. Whether you choose to have sex or not, responsibility includes educating yourself about:

When deciding to have sex

Deciding to have sex is your decision, and yours alone Choma. Never allow yourself to be pressured into having sex when you’re not ready either physically or emotionally. Even if your friends are all having sex and you’re the only one not having it, don’t give in to the pressure. Read up about sex or talk to a trusted friend.

If you’re going to do it, be safe

Having sex can be great, but it comes with consequences if you don’t protect yourself. You may be at risk of getting HIV and other STIs as well as an unplanned pregnancy. It’s important to know how to protect yourself, by using a condom (it can be the male or the female condom). The use of contraceptives also prevents unwanted pregnancies.

If you have recently had unprotected sex or a condom burst, you may need emergency contraceptives which is a morning-after pill to prevent you from getting pregnant. Please remember Choma, the morning-after pill is not a primary contraceptive but is taken in cases of an emergency, when your primary contraceptive fails.

Consent is important.

Consent means both of you are in it when it comes to doing anything sexual. It means no one is forcing the other to do anything they aren’t comfortable with doing.

How will you know if you are ready for sex?

Many issues, such as peer pressure, curiosity, and loneliness, might lead you into early sexual activity. It’s important to wait until you’re sure and ready to participate in any sexual activity. The decision should be yours and no one has the right to pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do.

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