Are you being pressured into taking drugs?

Peer pressure from friends can negatively influence the decisions you make. In some cases, you might feel a lot of pressure to fit in. Feeling this way can cause you to make decisions based on what you think your friends want you to do, even that’s not what you’d normally do, in hopes of fitting in or being noticed. Here’s how to avoid being pressured into using drugs with friends.

Know where you stand

Work out where you stand on issues like drugs and alcohol. Knowing your own mind makes it easier to stay true to yourself.

Prepare yourself

Think about how you’d like to respond when your friend offers you drugs or a drink, so you know what to say. Practice saying “no”- the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Choose friends wisely

Understand who’s offering you the drugs and why. Friends should understand if you say no and people you don’t know you very well may expect something in return. Surround yourself with people who respect your decisions.

Be firm

Be firm when telling your friend that you don’t want to drink or use drugs. If they try to persuade you, don’t feel like you have to change your mind.

Be yourself

Although your friends might not show it, they’ll respect you more if you’re assertive and clear about what you do and don’t want to do. You don’t need to compromise yourself to be liked. Healthy friendships will try their best to be supportive and not judge you based on your decisions.

Focus on your long term goals

Remind yourself of your goals and all you want to achieve in life. Using drugs or alcohol might derail you from where you want to get to. If the company you are keeping is not helping you reach your goals, you might want to change the people you surround yourself with,

If you continue to face peer pressure and you’re finding it difficult to deal with, talk to someone you trust. Don’t feel guilty if you’ve made a mistake or two. If you or someone you know is struggling from drug abuse You can get in touch with the following organisations:

Narcotics Anonymous on their helpline: 011 509 0031 / 083 900 6962.

NACOSA on 012 940 2829.

Remember Choma, you should never feel forced to use drugs just to please anyone or be liked. This can be hard to accept, but it helps to try.

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