Avoid body shaming yourself in the era of social media

Ever wondered how and why people’s lives just seem so perfect online? Does it make you feel bad or like you’re just falling behind in life? Well, this is just to remind you that social media isn’t always an accurate representation of real life- want to know why? When we post online, it’s mostly about the good parts of our lives, right? I mean, no one really wants to share about all the bad stuff they’re going through, so it’s important to remember this when you’re scrolling through your timeline and you start to feel a little disappointed by your own situation, or your own body. Here are a few ways to get over those feelings and remember to love yourself and your own body in the era of social media.

Affirm yourself 

Social media can sometimes make us feel like we need to be accepted by all the people that follow us online, but the most important thing is, do you love and accept yourself? If you don’t feel like you’re there yet, it’s a good idea to start speaking positively about yourself, to yourself. You can do this by setting alarms or notifications on your phone just to remind you to say something good about yourself- for example, you could have a reminder that says “Don’t forget, you’re beautiful, smart & worthy!”

Remember: Beauty has many many definitions

Have you noticed how there seems to be standard for what’s beautiful? Like how social media, magazines and TV can make us feel like beauty is about having a certain kind of body or skin tone? Well, the good news is that there is no standard, Choma. Beauty can be found in so many different ways- and when you start to think that way, you’ll start to feel more free to just be who you are, and love yourself loudly and proudly! 

Clean up and take a break 

When you’ve finally gotten the hang of the first two steps, it’s a great idea to go through your social media timeline and clean it up a bit. What I mean is that it might be time to start hitting the unfollow button on accounts and people who only make your social experience a negative one. It’s so important to start exposing yourself to things that make you feel better and inspire you to love and take care of yourself. Here are a few accounts to follow if you’re looking to do a bit of a social media clean up. 

I know it can be tricky to ignore social media standards when they seem to be in your face all day, every day. But you’ve got to make it a priority to feel good for yourself and regain confidence in yourself, Choma. Don’t let social media make you feel like you’re falling behind. We’re all doing life at our own pace so it’s time to set your own standard for self love, because you’re so worthy of all the appreciation and “likes” you can give to yourself!

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