Choma Loves: 5 celebrities that opened up about mental health

Have you ever wondered whether celebrities suffer from mental health issues? I mean, it’s easy to assume that celebrities don’t have real life problems. But that’s not true and, just like you and me, they too have their own personal struggles, some of which may include mental health problems. Here’s a list of celebs who were brave enough to open up to the world about their mental health struggles.  

Minnie Dlamini

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Minnie once opened up to her followers on Instagram about a depressive episode that she experienced. Although she was battling sadness, feeling miserable and losing weight, she said that it was important for her to keep working towards her career goals.

Selena Gomez


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The talented singer, Selena Gomez, lives with Lupus (a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs). Similar to HIV/AIDS, Lupus side effects can include panic attacks, anxiety and depression. She says that she takes self-care seriously and sharing her experiences with others, helps her cope. 


Trevor Noah

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Funny guy Trevor opened up in an interview about his experience with depression. At first he didn’t know it was depression. But he recently learnt that it can look like irritability, low mood and sadness, even persistent negative thoughts. Trevor says that learning more about depression helped him manage it better.

Taraji P. Hensen

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In honour of her late father, Taraji P. Henson started a foundation that aims to destigmatise mental health in her community. Taraji prides herself for making the decision to talk to a mental health professional about her past trauma and general life difficulties.

Lalla Hiriyama

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Lalla opened up about her battle with panic attacks, anxiety and depression. She encourages people to open up when they’re feeling overwhelmed with emotions and can’t cope with pressure. She believes that sharing your experience with people who are supportive, may help you cope better.

At times it may feel like you’re the only one going through a difficult time, battling with anxiety or depression. Celebrity or not, we’re all human and we get affected by mental health issues in one way or the other. There’s absolutely no shame in it, as you can see from these celebrities. 

If you’re concerned about your mental health state and notice that you’re not coping with your daily tasks like school activities, chores, and social relationships – you can reach out to organisations with community support services like SADAG and SA federation for mental health. Alternatively, you can contact LifeLine on 0861 322 322 / 011 728 1347 to get free help.

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