Choma Loves: 5 organisations that tackle gender inequality

For many years, gender equality has been regarded as one of the important factors needed to solve many of the societal issues that we face in our everyday lives. Even though the road to equality hasn’t been an easy one, here are 5 organisations that are working tirelessly towards trying to tackle gender inequality. 

Sonke Gender Justice 

Do you ever think of a world where women, men, and children can co-exist equally in a happy and healthy environment? That’s Sonke Gender Justice‘s vision. They work all over Africa to promote the importance of gender equality (for both men and women) and to raise awareness about other social issues like the importance of preventing sexual and domestic violence.


18Twenty8 is a female-led organisations that empowers young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds by helping them prioritise their education and personal development. 

Agenda Feminist Media

Agenda Feminist Media is an organisation that has committed itself in giving women a safe space to use their voices to speak up about their needs and interests towards transforming unequal gender relations. This means they’re willing to challenge the current practices around women’s rights and gender issues in South Africa.


Gender inequality is not only exclusive to women. The unfair treatment that men get most of the time when they try to report a crime, like assault, for example, can be seen as a gender inequality issue.  An organisation like Moshate was created to be the voice for men, and to fight how ill-treated and ridiculed men are (by the justice system) when they are victims of gender-based violence. 

United Nations Women 

United Nations Women is a well-known global champion for women and girls. They’re dedicated to gender equality through empowering women from all walks of life – all over the world. They work with governments to come up with policies, laws, and programmes that are inclusive of women. 

Gender inequality is a violation of anyone’s basic human right and it’s something that we should all be #DoneWithSilence about. Knowing that there are organisations that work towards trying to solve the inequality between men and women should inspire you to also be #DoneWithSilence when it comes to gender inequality because it takes a team to make the dream work!

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