Choma Loves: Hobbies that help you get over a break up

Dealing with a break up is not easy, especially if your ex is someone you have been with for a long time. It’s completely understandable that sadness and loneliness may follow, but with time and healing you should be able to get over your breakup. Sometimes the best thing you need is a distraction from those feelings and ways to make you feel better. There are good hobbies or activities you can take up while you heal from a break up. Here are a few:


This isn’t really a hobby, but it can be a really fun and fulfilling activity. It’s also about helping yourself and others. When you help others, you tend to feel good about yourself because you know that you’re the reason behind their smile.  Doing something good instead of focusing on how bad you feel will do wonders for your mood and heart-healing process. So, help out by volunteering for a cause that you care about, such as an animal shelter, children’s home or old age home.

Try a new exercise

Exercise seems like the answer to everything – weight loss, exam stress, a better period, good hair and even heartbreak. When it comes to heartbreak, exercising is a really good way to deal with your pent-up emotions – whether you feel angry or sad, exercise could help you get those feelings out, give you an energy boost, boost your mood and help you destress. So instead of crying yourself to sleep, channel all of that energy into exercising and you’ll feel like a brand new person in no time. For fitness inspiration, read this article 

Start Journaling 

When you’re going through some emotional pain, talking about your feelings can help you deal with the hurt –  and writing about your feelings is just as helpful. Why not start your own journal talking about the good and bad about your break-up experience? You could even turn it into stories or poems. You’ll be surprised how inspirational and healing it could be.

Learn a new language

What language have you always wanted to try? This might be the perfect time to do it. Even if you take the time to learn at least one new phrase a day  – phrases such as “I’m over you”, or “I’m so much stronger now”. Expressing your emotions in a different language is cleansing andeducational. 

Go hiking

If it’s one thing our country has, it’s beautiful places to explore – even in your own back yard. Why not get your friends together and go hiking on the weekends? The great thing about hiking is that it gives you a bit of a distraction from your devices and is a good opportunity to just get out and think.

Of course, Choma, these are just a few suggestions. There are many other things you can do – like draw, paint or sing. The point is to get outside of your own head and do something that will engage you creatively, relax you and give you a break from thinking about your breakup. The feeling you get from doing something new, fun and relaxing could be exactly what you need to get you through a tough time.

Also remember that despite what you’re currently going through, it always important to take care of yourself. Try out a new self-care routine so that you can be at your best emotionally and physically.

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