Choma queens: 5 queens embracing skin positivity

It’s important for us to embrace our skin with all its imperfections. We need to encourage ourselves to re-think and cut out the shame that comes from having what society considers less-than-perfect skin. Here are 5 queens who openly share their journeys and are embracing their skin. Why not give them a follow?

Monique Schreiber

Image via Standard

Monique Schreiber is a Social Media Specialist who’s all about normalising acne. Her goal is to build a positive community for people with acne, to feel more comfortable in their skin. She encourages her users to mentally and emotionally embrace their acne, and love their skin for everything that it is.

Kgothi “Iman” Dithebe

Image via Zalebs

Kgothi Dithebe is a bright young talent- a law student, model, and a 2019 Miss South Africa top 5 finalist who has a unique facial birthmark that extends over her hairline. Her birthmark is the result of a condition called vitiligo. She believes her birthmark has taught her how to be resilient in life. Today, she motivates girls all over the world to love themselves; breaking down outdated standards, and revolutionising the beauty industry.

Michelle Mosalakae

Image via TRUELOVE

Michelle Mosalakae is a well-known actress and ambassador. She has a skin condition, called Albinism. Michelle chooses to see her skin condition as a strength and never a limitation.  Michelle is also the first Revlon ambassador with albinism. She has since challenged beauty brands and companies’ views on the notion of beauty.

Zoliswa Mbadu

Image via Twitter

Digital influencer, model, and fashion designer, Zoliswa Mbadu has never felt the need to hide her freckles as she feels they’re what makes her unique. She draws strength from the women in her life who embrace their own natural beauty.

Lesego “Thickleeyonce” Legobane

Image via instagram

Plus-size model, photographer, and digital content creator, Thickleeyonce is all about spreading positive vibes. She feels that every part of our bodies are worthy of being embraced and loved- whether it be scars, acne, stretch-marks or cellulite, reminding us that they’re normal.

These 5 queens remind us that skin positivity isn’t about changing the appearance of your skin- it’s about changing the way you see and embrace it. Let’s start loving the skin we have!

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