Choma Queens in Entrepreneurship

For this edition of Choma Queens, I’m feeling really inspired by these young entrepreneurs who are taking bold steps to follow their dreams. I love them because despite the challenges women face in business, they clearly have what it takes to make a real impact and overcome those challenges.

Tshego Senne: Thembekile Stationery

Image: Instagram

Writer and content creator, Tshego Senne founded her business- Thembekile Stationery, in 2017 as a way to help people keep their goals and inspiration organised in one place. The planners allow you to plan your year, month and weeks in advance, as well as your daily schedule, but they also come with affirmations, tips and quotes for keeping a healthy mind to help you prioritise your self-care routine. But planners aren’t all that Thembekile is about. Tshego is working to grow the Thembekile range to offer more stationery in the future.

Tebatso Molapo: Rebasadi

Image: Instagram

In SeSotho, “Rebasadi” means “we are women”, and that’s exactly what Tebatso’s business is about- She says, “I saw a gap in  female-owned businesses in my hometown in Limpopo and I wanted to create a platform that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship while also building a sisterhood among female entrepreneurs” and that’s how Rebasadi, the multimedia agency, was born in 2015. The company hosts workshop sessions that brings together other women who are starting their own business to showcase what they do. I love how she’s encouraging a spirit of “togetherness” in other women entrepreneurs.

Lebo Mphela: Malia Nail Care

Image: Instagram

For the ladies that love having their nails done, but worry about the natural state of their nails, this one is for you. Lebo Mpela’s business, Malia Nail Care was inspired by her own bad experiences with acrylic nail extensions and how her own nails would be damaged from having them. So she had an idea to start mixing nail polishes that didn’t harm nails the way others do, and she started all this right in her mother’s kitchen!

I hope you’re feeling inspired to chase whatever business dream you might have- we definitely need more young women in the entrepreneurship space. If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business but you’re not quite sure how to go about it, here are two articles to help you out:

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