Choma Queens: Natural hair influencers

Choma queens come in all shapes and sizes. Some wear their crown long and straight, while others prefer to go bald and some embrace their natural curly crowns. Today, we are celebrating a few queens who wear their natural hair and are winning at it. Here are some of my favourite natural hair influencers.

Sinovuyo Mondliwa

Image via Instagram

Sinovuyo started her own natural hair care brand out of a passion for natural hair. Her page is all about maintaining the health and strength of your natural hair, as well as lessons she has learnt through her fitness journey. Her patient and consistent effort to learn how to take care of her hair has inspired her to empower others.

Sheila Ndinda

Image via Instagram

Sheila is an engaging Kenyan YouTuber with just under 100K subscribers. She uses her social media platforms to educate her followers on how to take care of their natural hair. She creates easy to follow tips through her video tutorials and shares her natural haircare journey to help her followers understand and cope with their own transitioning process.

Evenes Ruth Mapufo

Image via Instagram

Evenes is a great example of a smart, skilled and determined woman. As a self-taught hairstylist and founder of her own haircare range, she is able to offer her clients and followers professional advice through her educational blog.

Nkhensani Rikhotso

Image via Instagram

Nkhensani is a Youtube and Instagram content creator who shares her experience with her natural hair as well as creative tips on how to style your ‘fro. She also opens up about her self-care journey and gives advice on how to love and care for yourself.

The natural haircare community has grown bigger and stronger over the years. These influencers make it easier for us to take care of our natural hair and wear it with pride. How do you prefer to wear your crown, Choma? Let me know on my social media.

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