Choma Queens using Instagram to inspire

It’s time to celebrate my Choma Queens again, and this time, I’m showing some love to women who are really making instagram a better place. These women are all about spreading motivation and inspiration so that you never have to scroll through your timeline and feel like anything less than the queen that you are!

Candace Reels

Image: Instagram

Candace is the founder of the Instagram page and women’s group called Female Collective, a page I love because it’s dedicated to celebrating, empowering, uplifting, and supporting women, because all around the world, women go through a hard time. I love that the page motivates women to also go out there and make a difference, no matter where you are.

Rupi Kaur

Image: Instagram

Rupi is a bestselling author and poet, who recently released her second collection of poetry called “The Sun and Her Flowers”. I love how she uses her instagram to showcase her beautiful words that are inspiration and great life lessons. Plus, her short poems make really great captions for your next insta post!

Nandi Dlepu (BloomOrg)

Image: Instagram

For all the business-minded Chomas, Nandi Dlepu is a young mom from Joburg, but being a parent is only one part of her story. She co-founded an organisation called Bloom, and its mission is to be a platform for creative women and entrepreneurs to talk about issues that matter and tell their stories. They host conversation sessions every month in New York and Joburg, but if you can’t attend them, their Instagram page is just as inspiring.

Black Girl In Om

Image: Instagram

If you feel like you want to see more inspiration for taking care of your spirit, this Instagram account is perfect. Black Girl In Om is all about sharing affirmations and reminders to help guide you to ultimate spiritual health, as well as yoga and meditation tips.

There are so many different instagram accounts that are dedicated to healthy living, like the ladies I mentioned in my article about my favourite Instagram Fitness Queens.

Cleaning up your instagram is easy, you just need to know what you want your focus to be, and what you want to be inspired by every day.

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