Hey Choma🙂

So I am 28 years going on 29 and I was involved in a tricky situation where I was living with my manager at work and his wife. We all worked at the same place. I lived with them for 3 years but they were very controlling and invasive especially the wife. I was very uncomfortable most of the time. They wanted me to do is to babysit their child and look after the house when they went somewhere. Sometimes I even had to babysit the wife. It all started going south when I started bringing my boyfriend home and they started telling me that I am endearing their lives. There were camera everywhere meaning my every move was watched. I really loved them but we started being distant and the wife would give me attitude at work, lie about me to the boss which made me uncomfortable. eventually moved out and found my own place but work was also weird and odd. So prior to me moving out (way), I found another job but they made me feel like I’m not loyal and stopped talking to me for 3 months so I really felt bad then I went back to them (my old job). Now I found a new job and I resigned again because I just felt it’s better to do so. They honestly hurt me. But I find myself thinking about them alot, sometimes I feel like I made a mistake and I even dream about them. I hope this makes sense. Please advise choma