HELLO choma i have a issue at home and I want to resolve it.My mom and my dad have been having sexual intimacy in the house,they are very loud and I can’t even sleep.this began at my grandma’s house in Limpopo ,my parents came back from a party around 3am when they arrived I thought they went to sleep only to find out that they have be intimating.the problem is that my granny did not cover the roof so I could hear my mom moaning and saying shit oh shit.it also happen in the morning at my aunt’s funeral day , my mom sat on the tighten side and my dad on the leften side I saw my mom sucking my dad’s penus and it was very disturbing. I told my aunt but she did not do anything. I don’t know why am I even calling them mom and dad .all I know is that thabiso mnisi and oupa mnisi are just bloody bustards that come from hell. Choma pls help me.Lethabo Mnisi