Hello Choma.
I have a concern with regarding what transpired during my Girlfriend’s pregnancy.

My Girlfriend is 27 years of age, we conceived last year late June.

She was attending her appointments monthly, and the reports stated the baby was well.

She also attended her appointments with the gynecologist, and it was indicated that she will be admitted on the first week of March, to be induced, and treated… Unfortunately that didn’t happen as my medical Aid didn’t not cover for giving birth.

We later consulted with a GP and Private clinic, whom they both issued us a hospital referral.

My Girlfriend wasn’t in pain, but her water was already broke. On the 22th of March we went to one of the hospital at vaal, the senior nurse told her to go back, “stating that we need to book, before being admitted”

On the 23rd of March we went to one of the Hospitals in Soweto, my girlfriend didn’t experience pain till that afternoon, water was coming out of her, the water was not clear this time, but it was green… She wasn’t attended to, the early morning of the 24th,by a doctor who carried out instructions for C section.. The procedure was performed, unfortunately the baby wasn’t crying when the new born was taken out. The doctors took around 10min to risasitate him.

“The explanation we got was that, the baby was overdue and that, water went to his brain, which might lead to being brain damaged”

My son was in a intensive care unit for 4days,and later was taken out to the nursary.

I feel like some information is hidden from us, I feel, if my woman was attended on time, this wouldn’t have happened.

My son is this in hospital, we are required to go there daily, so that he is breast fed.

In this regard, what do I do Choma.