Hey Choma
During the Easter Holidays my boyfriend went to Limpopo for his sister’s lobola celebration and I couldn’t get hold of him for like 3 days and his reason was he forgot his phones in his car and his brother was using that car to run errands. He video called me on Wednesday the 3rd I must say I was angry and I ignored it . He didn’t even bother to explain or be remorseful . Well I told him how I felt and he just said sorry. In my eyes I still think he did it on purpose. I asked that he return the money I had borrowed him because the day he said he will return it has passed. Yhoo World War 7 started, he sent it immediately. Straight after that I was told I’m being petty and evil how can I ask for the money back while we ain’t okay. Apparently he sent me his last money and he had to go to his baby mama and ask for help. And that pissed me off honestly and now things are really tense and I feel like I’m forcing conversations. I’m hurt 😢 and the other side of me thinks he’s back with his baby mama. Emotionally I’m such a mess.