Hi Choma, I hope you doing well.
The court date is on Thursday this week. Can I please ask on behalf of my brother, he dated this 14 yar old girl and he is 26 years old. Her family reported statutory rape after some time they knew about their daughter’s relationship and this guy. He was released by bail and a court postponed the following court date for further investigation. The girl did not want to open a case about this but the family manipulated and threatened her if she wants to dismis the case opened by the family. The family also lied about the guy on the case just to make a case stronger and background checks was made by SAPS and he was proven innocent for any previous charges under his profile which the victims have claimed to have commited by the guy. The family of the girl also insulted everyone of the guy’s family and exposed the guys pictures and his name on social media that he is a rapist and many more.
Please advise with any information you know about this kind of an issue, like what are the future possibiloties of this case and what can be done. Can he open a defemation of character against the family for exposing his name and face on social medias and other related cases such as for insulting the the guys family?