Female condom use Q&A

Most of us shy away from using female condoms because male condoms are more accessible. We’re also conditioned to think that it’s only a male’s responsibility to carry condoms. Because of this, there is a lot of confusion around female condoms. Here are some FAQs about female condoms.

Can a female condom and male condom be used together?

The answer is no, Choma. The friction caused by the two condoms can lead to tearing of either one or both the condoms. Using one condom (either male or female) gives equal protection to both partners.

Why does the female condom seem so large?

A female condom is actually similar in length to a male condom. However, it’s wider than a male condom. Once inserted, it lines the walls of the vagina and allows for movement of the penis inside the sheath. It also provides extra protection by covering part of the external female genitalia and the base of the penis.

When can I insert the female condom?

The benefit of the female condom is that it can be inserted up to 8 hours before sexual intercourse depending on the type. This’ll ensure that you’re good to go when things get heated between you and BAE. Be sure to read the packaging instructions carefully. Here’s how to insert the female condom.

Can I re-use the female condom?

Re-use of any condom is a big no; this applies for both male and female condoms. A new condom should be used every single time you have intercourse. Be sure to wrap the condom with toilet paper and throw it in the bin. Do not flush the condom down the toilet or throw it on the floor.

Can I use the female condom when I’m on my period?

The female condom doesn’t interfere with menstruation.  However, you can’t use a tampon and the female condom at the same time.

Can the female condom disappear in my body?

The female condom covers the cervix and doesn’t go any deeper. Therefore, it’s impossible for a female condom to disappear inside your body.

Are female condoms harder to use than male condoms?

As with most barrier methods, it can take a bit of practice to use this method correctly. As long as you’re clear on how to use it correctly, you should get the hang of it.  

Can I use female condoms during pregnancy?

You can use the female condom when you’re pregnant, since the condom doesn’t move beyond the cervix.

Female condoms guarantee the same protection as male condoms if you use them correctly. The female condom also puts the power in your own hands, regarding safe sex. If you have more questions about the female condoms, share them with me below.  

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