Foreplay – what, why and how?

Be it hot and heavy kissing, petting, groping, fondling or stroking –  a bit of foreplay sets the mood for sex.  While guys are easily turned on, women need a bit more encouragement and that’s where foreplay comes in.

What’s the fuss about foreplay?

Foreplay is about helping your body and mind prepare for having sex.  It’s all about creating sexual intimacy or desire between yourself and your partner.  Locking lips in deep, passionate kissing or touching each other’s bodies (especially your privates) in a sensual way helps both partners to get “turned on” and ready to have sex. Foreplay is a great way to get to know each other’s bodies before actually getting down to having sex.  For foreplay to be enjoyable, don’t be shy to tell your partner how and where you want to be kissed or fondled.

What happens to your body during foreplay?

All that kissing, licking, sucking and stroking is a sure way for your guy to “get it up” – in other words making penis erect in preparation to have sex.  For guys, just thinking about sex can get them hard and ready, but foreplay really gets a girl going.  A girl will often notice that she is “wet” between your legs when her boyfriend touches her just the right way. This means vaginal “juices” are being released to make the vagina more wet or lubricated so that the male penis can comfortably slip in for sexual intercourse to take place.  This prevents the girl from feeling pain or even getting hurt when the guy tries to penetrate her.

Does foreplay lead to sex?

For the most part it can but it doesn’t have to.  It is entirely left up to you, your partner and your willingness to control your desires.  You can still satisfy each other or orgasm (when all the muscles and sexual organs relax to bring about a very pleasurable feeling) with oral sex i.e. sucking and licking each other’s sex organs.

Is there a risk of getting HIV or other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during foreplay?

Yes, there is.  HIV or other STIs can easily be passed on from one person to the next through cut or broken skin. In other words, cuts in your mouth or vagina or on a penis can easily allow STI viruses to pass from one body to the next if engaging in oral sex. Remember chomas to always condomise! Read our article here for the Dos and Don’t of condoms. How can I engage in foreplay safely? If anything “down there” hurts, itches or looks dodge go see a healthcare provider at your nearest clinic immediately before you engage in foreplay or sex for that matter.  Always play it safe – always use a condom or dental dam (latex or thin rubber squares – almost like a condom that you put over your mouth) during any oral sex activity.