Freedom Day 2024

This day celebrates the first democratic elections held in South Africa on the 27th April 1994. This was the first national elections held after apartheid, where anyone could vote regardless of race.

More importantly, Freedom Day is the day where we remember the many sacrifices made by freedom fighters to ensure our democracy and freedom…and “with freedom comes great responsibility”.

This year marks the 150 years anniversary of our struggle icon and human rights campaigner, Charlotte Maxeke. Charlotte and many other women fought against oppression at a time where people of colour and women were oppressed and ‘fighting the system’ was a violation in itself.

All citizens of South are now freely allowed to vote for the government the prefer, under a democratic constitution.

Text block with South African flag background, text describing what democracy is.


What are my rights and responsibilities as a young person living in South Africa?

Children have the right to shelter, health care and to be fed. All children and adults have the right to information and education. All people have a right to freedom of expression, opinion, who they associate with including who they choose to marry regardless of race, the freedom to choose religion and the freedom of movement (in the past people of colour had restricted movement and had to produce an identity document (ID) wherever they went).

Everyone has a right to life, equality and human dignity which includes the right to be free from torture, which was practiced before democracy as well as the right to a safe environment and the right to work.

“With great power comes great responsibility” said the great scholar, Voltaire. Our version as young people in South Africa – with great rights comes great responsibility.

As youth, we should always remember what it took for us to earn the freedom we have now. Violating other people’s dignity (Example, bullying), not allowing others to voice their opinions; ridiculing other people’s religions; gender or race are ways of ruining our hard-earned democracy.

Freedom also doesn’t mean that we get careless about our health or livelihood, it is our responsibility to ensure that we take up health care services, treat everyone equally, take opportunities to learn and be educated while making sure we’re continuing to treasure the democracy fought on our behalf. As a country, we’re still falling short on fully delivering on some of the services that speak to this democracy but it is the responsibility of each person to ensure that we all live freely in our country.

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