Has your partner lost interest in your relationship?

The beginning of most relationships is often described as fun and exciting. Both people involved are typically interested in one another because there’s so much to learn about the other person. However, when the ‘honeymoon phase’ wears off and one partner starts to become distant, it can really affect how you feel about yourself and the relationship.

So if you are worried that the pace of your relationship is a sign of your partner losing interest, check out these signs to find out.

The relationship feels one sided

It takes collaborative effort to build a healthy and safe relationship. This means that you and your partner should put in the work to make each other feel valued and special. While this can be difficult to do during the lockdown period, someone who is interested in you will go out of their way to reach out via text or call to hear from you and see how you are doing.

You feel insecure in the relationship

A partner that really cares about you will always let you know how they feel. You will have a pretty good idea about what they think about you and what they want from you. A partner that’s no longer interested in you will be vague and keep you guessing. That’s not cool and you should not be with someone that does not value your feelings.

They avoid your texts or calls

In a healthy relationship, a partner that’s genuinely interested in you finds every reason to talk to you. They will make an effort to reply back to your texts or calls. If you suddenly have trouble getting in touch with them and they give you strange excuses why, it may be time for you to think about whether it’s worth continuing the relationship or not. No one wants to feel like they have to force their partner to talk to them.

They seem irritated by your need to be close

While it’s encouraged to limit physical contact at the moment, hugs, hand holding and sitting side by side with your partner is a natural part of any relationship. An interested partner will care to show you affection even if it’s through their words.

They don’t want to discuss important issues

Disagreements are normal in a relationship. When people discuss the problems that they face in a relationship, it’s often a sign that they are still interested. However, someone who has lost interest will typically avoid conversations about the relationship. If this is what’s happening in your relationship, then you might want to give yourself and your partner a bit of time to think about what you really want. There’s no point trying pressure them into talking about things if they are not interested.

Relationships can be challenging to build and maintain, but a person who loves you will never leave you confused and wondering if they are still interested in the relationship. You deserve to be with someone who makes you feel valued and cared for. Don’t be afraid to leave a relationship when you are not happy.

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