How do I know if I’m ready for a relationship?

When speaking about relationships, I often talk about what would make someone a good partner – in other words what would make someone a good girlfriend/boyfriend. But what does it mean to be prepared or ready for a relationship? Choma, even if you were to meet the woman or man of your dreams today, it wouldn’t matter if you’re not ready to have them in your life, just like they wouldn’t be interested in you if you are not emotionally ready for them. So choma, what does it mean to be ready for a relationship?

You understand how important communication is

No one can read anyone else’s mind and no one is expected to. Being able to be open and honest with your potential partner is necessary because that will help your partner get to know you better and understand what you are thinking or feeling. The ability to be honest comes from being able to open up to someone without feeling judged. Without communication in a relationship choma, neither one will feel heard and understood.

You don’t let the small things annoy you

There may be small things about your potential partner that may irritate or annoy you, but the thing is, you have to accept them. Being annoyed by the smallest things will cause unnecessary tension in the relationship and if you can’t handle the small issues in the relationships, then it will be harder to face the bigger problems if and when they do arise.

You accept both their strengths and weaknesses

When entering into a relationship, it’s important to understand that you can’t change someone or shape them into someone you want them to be. Instead, motivate your partner to be the best version of themselves and help them improve on their weaknesses and become better at their strengths. Your relationship will be stronger.

You’re OK with being single

The first and most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. Choma, being single is not a bad thing – use this time to get to know yourself better. Don’t blame anyone or make excuses that there aren’t enough guys or girls out there to date. You are in charge of your dating destiny – you have some power over your dating experience. Do something that will improve your chances of dating, like going out to an event and being open to meeting new people. Learn to be OK with being single and enjoy this time alone before you enjoy it with someone else in your life.

You’re currently happy with your life

Are you currently happy with your life? If not, then find out what’s missing to make you happy before adding someone else into your life. If you are happy with the life you’re already living you start attracting other happy people into your life. People who are content with their lives will attract more positive people. How you feel about and care for yourself sets the stage for all relationships outside yourself. When you are ready for a relationship you are OK with your strengths and weaknesses and you are fine with someone else being exposed to them too.

Remember choma, the right relationship will come to you, only once you create the right circumstances to invite it into your life. If you don’t take the time to first love yourself, it’s going to be harder to give and receive love. So don’t rush into getting into a relationship, it will happen when the right time arrives and once you are ready for it. Speak positively about love choma.