How to know if your relationship is cultivating kindness

Relationships are great but they’re even better when they cultivate (encourage) kindness. Kindness is an important trait of a healthy relationship, along with love, compassion and honesty. In case you’re wondering if your relationship is cultivating kindness, take a look below to find out.

Kindness is generous

Generosity is an act of giving beyond what is expected or asked. This means that relationships should encourage you to be self-less and giving. Generosity in relationships can lead to satisfaction and stability for couples. However, generosity doesn’t just refer to money and material things – a generous partner gives their time, affection and support without expecting anything in return.

Kindness is compassionate

Compassion is similar to empathy, which is the ability to understand how the next person feels and show it. Compassionate relationships create a space where both partners feel heard and taken care of. Couples achieve this sense of connectedness by really listening and taking care to do what benefits the other person.

Kindness is spontaneous

There’s no “perfect” time to show kindness. It’s random, free and does not expect anything in return. Kindness is selfless, which means that one simple act of random kindness can encourage your partner to do the same.

Kindness is honest

Honesty in a relationship is important. Although it’s not always easy to be honest, it actually helps both partners develop trust for each other. When there is honesty in a relationship, both partners feel encouraged, reassured and respected. It’s important to note that honesty should never be cruel or hurtful if it is done with the utmost care.

Kindness is freedom

Relationships should always allow you to be yourself . When you’re the best version of yourself, you become more affectionate and caring towards your partner. So, if you’re not allowed to express yourself in a relationship, then it’s probably not cultivating kindness.

As you can see, kindness can affect your relationship in a huge way. Challenge yourself to cultivate these forms of kindness in your relationship. If you don’t get it right the first time, that’s okay. Keep trying, soon kindness will spread through your relationship.

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