How to make your holidays worthwhile 

I know this year was long and you worked extra hard to get great results, so the only thing you’re looking forward to is catching up on your favourite shows, sleeping a little bit later than usual or just having a lot of fun with your friends. But being on holiday doesn’t mean you should be unproductive. If you’re worried about planning for your future, the best time to do it is now. With that said Choma, here are a few ways you can make your holidays more worthwhile. 


Volunteering and community service is a great opportunity for you to become an active member of your community and personally Choma, I think it’s very cool. You can go to your local municipality and ask for a list of organisations that you can help at. For example, you can help out at an old age home, orphanage or even an animal shelter. Working and genuinely helping people will help improve your people skills, as well as help you learn responsibility – not to mention it could be so much fun!

A Community Clean-up 

You can gather your Chomas and start a community clean up, whereby you guys go around the community and clean it up. What you can also do is approach your local council and let them know about this project so that they can sponsor you with garbage bags and disposable gloves. Not only will this develop your leadership skills for the future, you’re also improving your community and your relationship with the people around you. 

Get a part-time job

Getting a part-time job teaches you a lot of responsibility. Besides being able to afford what you really like, the skills you’ll gain will look good when writing your first CV or updating an existing one. 

Apply for bursaries

Let’s be honest, education is expensive and we all want to get our education funded. Now, I’m not saying spend your holidays applying for bursaries but an hour every third day won’t hurt. 

One of the helpful sites that you can use to find a few bursaries is CellCgirl. 

Youth Sports Tournament 

A lot of young people spend their free time drinking alcohol and experimenting with drugs. These substances can result in addiction and worse; death. Starting a youth sporting tournament will help a lot of the youth in your community keep busy and fit.

You could also go to your local radio station and tell them what you plan on doing for the youth, and you might get lucky and get sponsored with equipment.

As much as you’re meant to relax during your holidays, don’t forget to get involved in activities that your future self will thank you for. It all begins with you; right now!

Also remember that if you or a friend need advice or help, you can contact me here on Ask Choma, send me a Facebook Message, a Twitter DM, or a WhatsApp Message (071 172 3657).