How to naturally balance your vaginal pH levels 

When your vaginal pH levels are high, you are more prone to getting infections like Bacterial Vaginosis or any other infection that may cause symptoms like a foul or fishy smell, unusual white, green or grey discharge, a burning sensation when you pee, as well as vaginal itching. Recently I wrote an article about what causes an unbalanced vaginal pH level, which you can read here . 

High vaginal pH levels can be triggered by almost anything that has to do with feminine hygiene and reproduction, but the good news is, you are able to balance your vaginal pH naturally. Here’s how:

Avoid douching

Keeping yourself clean “down there” is important and it’s the first step towards balancing your pH naturally. But because vaginas cleanse themselves, there’s no need to clean the inside of your vagina through douching.

All you have to do is use clean, warm water to wash the outside of your vagina, and if you notice a weird odour then go to your local healthcare provider to get assistance. 

Always have protected sex

The use of condoms during sex is important. The condom will not only act as a protective barrier to prevent semen (sperm) from disturbing your pH levels, but it will also protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy. Make sure you use condoms throughout all sexual encounters, including oral sex. If you or your partner is allergic to latex, read here for alternatives. Using a female condom is also a really good alternative to the male condom. 

Avoided scented feminine products

Yes, there is a belief that scented feminine products like soaps, pantyliners or pads prevent your vagina from bad odour but the truth is, scented products are actually harsh for your vagina. Always look out for products (like your pantyliners or pads) with the words “unscented” on them. Always remember to avoid using soap to keep yourself clean because water is enough.

Change your pad or tampon regularly

The packaging for pads and tampons state that you should change them every few hours, which is correct because leaving a tampon or pad on for too long can increase your vaginal pH – which will then lead to potential infections. Leaving your tampon in for too long can also lead to toxic shock syndrome.


Change out of sweaty clothing as soon as possible

If you’re an active person who regularly does sports or exercise, chances are you also swear a bit. A build up of sweat in your underwear can also mean a build up of bad bacteria. So it’s not a good idea to sit in your sweaty clothes for too long.

It’s quite normal for you to have vaginal discharge but once you experience changes in the odour or colour of the discharge that may cause discomfort, itching, and irritation- then your pH levels may be off and you should go see your local health provider. If you follow the advice above, then balancing your pH levels shouldn’t be a problem.

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