Make a Noise – End HIV Stigma

Choma, I’ve discussed in articles before about how HIV stigma is actually a barrier to an HIV-free generation. We should be able to talk freely about HIV, getting tested and having safe sex.  Being open about these topics will increase education around Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and will make people more able to not only prevent STIs but also not be afraid of getting treatment for them.

However, in many parts of the world we live in, these topics are still taboo. Not talking openly about HIV gives way to HIV stigma, which is the discrimination, humiliation or mistreatment of anyone living with HIV. That’s why I’m encouraging all Chomas to speak up about HIV and about HIV stigma so that we can all work towards ending stigma.

If you want to read more about HIV stigma and the dangers of it, click here.

Why should I make a noise about it?

Because HIV stigma not only makes the chances of people contracting HIV higher (since people are afraid of disclosing their status and so don’t tell their partners – even when not using protection), HIV stigma also prevents people from getting the treatment they need in order to live healthily with HIV (since people are afraid to go to clinics for fear of others seeing them and discriminating against them).

Let’s start talking about HIV more. Let’s make an effort to not discriminate against anyone living with HIV and let’s encourage more people to get tested for HIV.

Do you want to make your noise Choma? Share your story, opinion or even just your concern about HIV stigma. Make your Noise here.

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