More About Gender Equality

Gender equality is, first and foremost, a human right. It implies that women, men, boys, and girls of all classes and races participate as equals and have equal value. They enjoy equal access to resources, freedoms, and opportunities to exercise control.

Do we need gender equality?

Gender equality is a fundamental human right, and gender-based discrimination violates that right. Gender inequality begins in childhood and is currently restricting the lifelong potential of children worldwide, greatly impacting girls.

Why is it necessary?

Gender equality protects women and girls from abuse. It is necessary for economic growth. Societies that treat men and women equally are safer and healthier. It’s also important as it empowers women and men to make more positive decisions about their own sexual reproductive health. Gender equality has the potential to improve decision-making on topics such as marriage age, birth timing, contraception use, and changing harmful behaviors (such as female genital cutting).

Are we unequal as a society?

It’s important to recognise that gender inequality exists; women are generally excluded or disadvantaged in terms of decision-making and access to economic and social resources. As a result, empowering women is a vital component of fostering gender equality, with a focus on detecting and redressing power imbalances and allowing women more responsibility to manage their own lives.

Does this mean men and women are the same?

Gender equality and women’s empowerment don’t mean that men and women become the same; rather, it means that men’s and women’s access to opportunities and life changes is not based on or limited by their gender.

Women have the right to live with dignity, safety, and security. Women’s and girls’ empowerment is the key to achieving development and decreasing poverty. Women who are healthy, educated, and self-sufficient contribute to the health and wealth of entire families, communities, and nations.

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