People whose rights we need to respect too

Each and every person has rights, no matter where they come from, their gender or where they live. As much as you’d want to be treated fairly, it’s important that you respect other people’s rights, including those who are vulnerable. Here’s a reminder of other people whose rights you might not be considering: 

Teenage moms 

Being a young mom is definitely not easy and teen moms are often judged for various things, including factors that are beyond their control. Teen moms deserve to be protected, supported and to not have their dignity taken from them.

Just like you, teen moms have rights which should be respected, and it’s not your place to judge anyone for their choice or situation. 

LGBTQIA community 

The right to equality means that nobody has the right to discriminate against another person based on their sexual orientation. 

Unfortunately, this right is not always respected, which leaves the LGBTQIA community vulnerable to discrimination and even violence. There is absolutely no sense in hurting or violating people based on their sexual orientation. Can you imagine if someone abused you based solely on who you are in a relationship with? It never was, and never will be, okay to discriminate someone based on their sexual orientation and it’s important for us to allow everyone their right to love and freedom. 

Homeless people

People who are homeless are often treated very badly and looked down on because of their situation. Just because someone is homeless it doesn’t make them any less human than you Choma. They still deserve the right to safety and to live a life free from harm and discrimination. They too have rights and they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. 

People living with disabilities 

People living with disabilities face a lot of discrimination, isolation, and stigma – all of which is a violation of their rights. Someone with a disability isn’t less of a person. They have lives and deserve to live their lives in a healthy and happy way.  Although there is an increase in awareness and understanding around issues people living with disabilities face, it’s still important to go out there and seek more information in order to help you respect, protect, celebrate and support them equally as human beings. 

Instead of seeing each other differently and respecting people based on our standards, we should all start treating each other fairly and with respect. Today, make a promise to yourself to be kind and polite to everyone regardless of the situation they are in or who they choose to be. 

“To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater.” – Bono 

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