HIV Self Test



The Panbio HIV Self Test lets you know your HIV status in just 15 minutes. Test in the privacy of home with a simple fingerstick. Our 3rd generation, highly accurate, trusted HIV testing technology detects HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies using one drop of blood. Easy test procedure with no special equipment needed.



What is an HIV self-test?

An HIV self-test offers you an accurate and private way to test for HIV in the comfort of your own home using an HIV self-test kit.

HIV self-testing does not provide a final diagnosis or result. Instead, it is a screening test that shows the presence of cells and antibodies in your blood which fight HIV. A self-test is accurate, but a positive test needs to be verified with another blood-based test (confirmatory test). This can be done at a laboratory or with your Healthcare Professional.

Is HIV self-screening the right option for me?

HIV self-screening is one of the ways you can find out your HIV status. For some people, self-screening is a more comfortable option.

You can test when you want to test – at any time of the day or night.

You can test where you want to test – alone or with friend, partner, relative or health care provider.

Why should I self-test for HIV?

Testing yourself for HIV is important for your relationships, your life and your future.

Self-testing is one of the ways that you can get to know your status.

Knowing your status means you can keep yourself and your sexual partners healthy.

Early diagnosis means you can act fast to ensure a long, healthy life.