Quiz: Are you sexist? 

We all have different opinions about gender roles (like who has to wash the dishes or wash the car). Sometimes those opinions may be sexist without us even realising it. Sexism has to do with discriminating or undermining someone (mostly women) simply because of their gender. Have you ever wondered if you might be sexist? Here’s a quiz to find out.

Whose responsibility is it to raise the kids?

  1. The mother
  2. The father
  3. Both parents are responsible

Do you think women can be funny?

  1. No, women are not funny at all. They tend to tell dry jokes
  2. Not really. I don’t think they need to be anyway
  3. Yes, of course! 

Who should do chores around the house? 

  1. Women
  2. It doesn’t really matter who does it
  3. It should be a shared responsibility

Who should be the family’s provider?

  1. The Man
  2. The Woman
  3. Whoever earns more money, that makes more sense.

Do you think women can be good leaders?

  1. No, women make emotional decisions
  2. Maybe, but men can make tough decisions 
  3. Yes! Women are capable of being leaders

Do you think sexism still exists?

  1. No
  2. Not really, it’s not as bad as it used to be
  3. Yup, nothing has changed

Have you ever been called sexist?

  1. I get called that all the time, it’s so annoying
  2. I think once or twice, maybe.
  3. Never


It’s time to calculate your answers to see which ones you scored more of. That’ll give you an idea of whether you are sexist, sort of sexist or not sexist. 

Mostly As

Oh no Choma, it sounds like you might be sexist – meaning, you’re a bit more critical of women’s roles in society. Sexism can have a negative effect on women and society because it boxes women into roles that oppress them and makes it harder for them to progress because of negative ideas surrounding them. Luckily, sexism can be unlearned. Take some time to understand how gender inequality affects both men and women, how to challenge stereotypes and how to bust stereotypes altogether. You’ll soon learn that men and women are more capable of having the same experiences and opportunities than you think. 

Mostly Bs

You seem to be on the fence about sexism, and it’s okay. But remember that sexism is a form of oppression and discrimination. Thankfully, the world is evolving and more people are understanding that women can be at the forefront of things and that men can be vulnerable too. To get you off the fence and on the right side of anti-sexism, read more articles to about the importance of busting gender stereotypes and how gender inequality affects both men and women. 

Mostly Cs

Yay! You seem like you’re definitely against sexism. You are a firm believer in equal rights and responsibility for both men and women. You understand that men and women have different strengths and they should be treated equally. Well Done! 

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