Quiz: Is communication in your relationship healthy?

Hearing that communication is the key of any relationship may sound cliché, but it is actually true. Good communication in a relationship helps strengthen levels of trust, honesty and respect between you and your partner. So, the question now is: how healthy is communication in your relationship? Take the quiz to find out:

When having a conversation with your partner, how do you usually react?

A) I often find it hard to concentrate. I have too much on my mind.

B) I listen but my mind wanders off sometimes

C) I am fully engaged

Are you always honest with your partner?

A) Hardly. I just tell them what they want to hear

B) Sometimes

C) All the time

When your partner upsets you, do you:

A) Let it go because you don’t want to argue

B) Snap and yell because you’re angry

C) Let them know how they made you feel when you’re calm

Do you often say things during an argument that you end up regretting?

A) Yes, it’s my weakness

B) Not all the time

C) Never. We are careful with how we address each other

How quickly do you reconnect after an argument?

A) It takes days or even weeks

B) In just a few hours

C) We never disconnect because we fix things and leave them in the past


Now that you have answered the quiz, it is time to calculate your results. Simply count all your results to see if you answered mostly A, B or C.

Mostly A’s

It looks like you and your partner have a lot to work on. It seems like your relationship is lacking honest and open communication.  There could be something that happening in your relationship, or your past, that has affected your communication with your partner. It might be time to have a chat with your partner about the things that might be affecting your communication.

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Mostly B’s

You mean well for your partner but sometimes you might hide your true feelings because you don’t like confrontations. Yes, it does keep the peace in the relationship but remember that bottling things up is not healthy for you. Work on speaking to your partner as often as you can, so that you don’t lose your cool when you finally let it all out. It’s important to know how to communicate your emotions so that your partner can understand where you’re coming from.

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Mostly C’s

Your relationship seems to have good communication skills. Keep it up! It’s good to see that you can your partner are maintaining a healthy relationship. For even more advice on maintaining a healthy relationship read:

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Communication is one of the factors that either make or break a relationship. It’s rare to find a couple who communicates well getting into a lot of conflict because they know how to address problems and how to solve them. Good communication skills are not only meant for relationships. They give you an advantage when it comes to dealing with other people, so always work on improving how you communicate with others because it will benefit you in the future.

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