Signs youre starting your period soon

There isn’t a set age to start menstruating because our bodies all have their own schedules. Some girls can get their periods early, from the age of 10 years and others a bit later, which is completely normal. The best way to tell is to assess whether you’ve have begun puberty.  There are also some clues to look out for. Here’s more.

Signs of puberty include:

The development of pubic hair, such as thicker hair on the legs and visible hair under the arms, as well as in the pubic area.

Changes in body shape, such as your hips and thighs thickening.

Growing more rapidly.

The development of breasts.

The development of acne on the face or body.

Signs that you’re starting menstruation

Several days before your first period, you may notice spotting in your underwear or abdominal cramps. It’s also normal not to experience any signs.

What will it be like?

Every girl’s period is different. Periods can vary in duration, frequency, and heaviness. Some may have very light, short periods, while others can have heavier or longer periods.

Some may experience a very light first period, with a small amount of blood.

For others, it can begin suddenly and heavily, with bright red blood appearing straight away. In either case, this is normal.

Period blood can range in colour from brown to dark red. It’s also normal to see small blood clots.

What to do when it starts

If your period starts unexpectedly at school/public or at home, don’t panic. You can always ask your teacher, peer, parent, sister or a guardian to give you a pad or tampon to use in the meantime.

It’s always helpful to have a period kit on hand before your first period arrives. This can help you feel more prepared and confident. Here’s what you should have in your period kit:

An extra pair of underwear.

A pack of tampons and pads, or a menstrual cup depending on your flow.

Unscented baby wipes to clean any leakages.

Here’s how to use a tamponpad or menstrual cup.

It’s okay to feel scared the first time you start your period, especially if you’re not prepared for it. Being on your period should never feel embarrassing Choma- it’s a natural, healthy part of a woman’s life.

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