The Importance Behind International Day of Action for Women’s Health

What is the day of action for women’s health?

The Day of Action for Women’s Health (also known as International Women’s Health Day) is celebrated on the 28th of May each year, women, and health organizations globally to educate people about women’s health and rights. The main objective of the day is to raise awareness of the issues related to women’s health and wellbeing like sexual reproductive health and health in general.

These include women’s rights to their bodies, body, my choice, to health, as well as to equality and non-discrimination. So why Is the day important?

It advocates for sexual reproductive health.

This day gives women more information about sexual and reproductive rights and control over their reproductive health. It encompasses the right to positive and healthy relationships, and health services that are accessible, safe, and equitable. Each year, women and health organizations can focus on topics affecting women that are left uncovered. Such examples include access to quality healthcare, HIV/AIDS and how it affects women, access to contraceptives, access to safe and legal terminations, how governments can do more to ensure women are safe, and so on. Some of these topics are usually considered taboo. But we can have open and honest conversations on this day.

It educates on the different life stages of women.

We understand that different life stages of women connect to various aspects of their sexual and reproductive health — this includes the menstrual cycle, the ability to become pregnant, safe sex practices to avoid sexually transmitted infections and chronic health issues (such as polycystic ovary syndrome), and the menopausal transition. Knowledge of sexual and reproductive health helps in preventing unwanted and high-risk pregnancies, such knowledge, as well as prenatal and postnatal care, saves women’s lives daily because not many women are aware of such information.

It’s essential to improve the overall wellbeing of women.

 Improved health for women can also help to strengthen their own agency and empowerment. Healthy women and girls are more able to actively participate in society and take collective action to advance their own interests, taking up spaces, increasing self-esteem to become the best version of themselves, and making them aware that they oversee their bodies and decide what can and cannot happen to it.

Remember that empowering women and girls to make informed choices when it comes to their bodies is one of the most effective pathways to improve health outcomes as well as to reach their full potential.

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