Toxic behaviours in friendships  

Whenever we build friendships with people, we hope for healthy and lasting bonds, which makes it easy to overlook toxic behaviours. Because of these bonds and shared secrets, it is not easy for us to break up with our friends by just unfriending them. I have put together a list of a few toxic behaviours in friendships that you should not tolerate, especially because they can be draining and destructive.

Don’t want to listen 

It’s normal for friends to share their goals, dreams, and worries with each other, but if your friend always shuts you down and doesn’t want to listen to you when you need someone to talk to – then you should reconsider the friendship because friends are supposed to support each other no matter what. 

Always criticising you

If your friend is always quick to point out your flaws but they get upset when you do the same, then your friendship is toxic. Yes, tough love is needed from time to time and it can even be life-changing but when someone constantly puts you down, the criticism will not uplift you, instead, it will do the opposite. 

Quick to overreact

If your friend is quick to lose their temper or refuses to speak to you when something happens, then they are toxic for you. Just like romantic relationships, healthy and honest communication that is respectful to the next person should apply in friendships as well.

Never considers your feelings

If your friend has a habit of dismissing your feelings when you’re upset or hurt by something they have done or said, then that friendship is not beneficial to your well-being. A true friend will never assume that you’ll be fine or you’ll “get over it” when your feelings are hurt. Instead, they will consider your feelings and apologise when they’re wrong.

2019 is all about positive vibes, and you should not feel apologetic about putting your well-being first. That means cutting off people who make you feel bad about yourself because negative energy can spread like a wildfire.

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