Types of people you should unfriend

Sometimes, we become friends with people because we spend a lot of time around them (like at school) but they don’t have our best interests at heart. These people can be draining and they can end up being toxic. Sometimes doing a quick cleanup of your friendships is necessary. It’s okay to have less friends if that means more peace of mind and more valuable relationships. Here are people you should consider unfriending:

Friends who compete with you

As friends, you should be lifting each other up instead of competing. So, a friend who is constantly competing with you or comparing your achievements to theirs might also be jealous of you and that’s not the type of friend you should keep around.

Friends who are always negative

This is the type of friend who takes pleasure in your failures and isn’t happy for you whenever something good happens to you. You don’t need that kind of negativity Choma. Good friends are happy for each other’s achievements.

Friends who bully others

Bullying is wrong because it can damage people for the rest of their lives. If your friend enjoys making other people feel bad about themselves, then you shouldn’t be friends with them because they might end up bullying you. If you’ve spoken to them about their bullying and they’re not interested in changing their behaviour then maybe it’s time to unfriend them.

Friends who put you in uncomfortable situations

If your friends have a tendency of putting you in awkward situations that make you feel uncomfortable like drug and alcohol abuse, pressurising you into having sex , dating an older guy  or blesser, then you should definitely unfriend them.

Friends who encourage bad behaviour often leave you hanging when you’re in a difficult situation. Your friends should always respect your choices, even if they have bad habits.

Friends who always gossip

Friends who are always gossiping about other people can get you into a lot of trouble. Also, if they can gossip about other people then it’s likely that they might also talk about you behind your back.

Friendships are all about supporting each other, being there for one another and basically being the siblings you never had. A true friend should influence you to rise higher and be a better version of yourself. If your friends actually make you feel bad about yourself, bring you down and drain you – then are they really your friends? 

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