What is African Vaccination Week and The Opportunities It Provides?

Every year, from April 24th to 30th, the world observes African Vaccination Week, also known as Immunization Week, to raise an understanding of the importance of immunization in protecting lives and to nudge parents to vaccinate their kids against fatal diseases.

Every year, in collaboration with the other WHO Regions and World Immunization Week, the African Vaccination Week is implemented by nations under the direction and coordination of the WHO Regional Office for Africa. The aim is to strengthen vaccination programs in the African Region by raising awareness of the significance of every person’s need and right to be protected against vaccine-preventable diseases, especially for every child and woman.

By advocating and cooperation, it seeks to maintain immunization as a top priority on the national and regional agendas. It also encourages the use of other highly effective life-saving interventions.

This worldwide collaboration provides an opportunity to boost momentum and focus on specific actions such as:

  • raising awareness on how immunization saves lives.
  • increasing vaccination coverage to prevent disease outbreaks.
  • reaching underserved and marginalized communities, particularly those living in remote areas, deprived urban settings, fragile states, and strife-torn regions with existing and newly available vaccines.
  • reinforcing the medium- and long-term benefits of immunization, giving children a chance to grow up healthy, go to school and improve their life prospects.

How will you be spreading awareness this vaccination week?

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