When is it “safe” to have Sex After a Termination of Pregnancy?

If you recently had an abortion, you might be wondering when it is “safe” to have sex again. How long must you wait after an abortion before having sex? Do surgical abortions have different waiting periods than pill-based abortions? Well, there may be certain emotional considerations for sex after an abortion in addition to physical ones.

Regardless of whether an abortion was performed surgically or medically, you can begin having sexual relations again as soon as you feel ready. Due to a very small risk of infection, some medical professionals may advise you to wait to resume sexual activity. However, current studies suggest that this is not medically necessary, therefore the ultimate decision on whether you feel physically and psychologically ready to have sex is yours. You may discover that, while you are physically OK, you require a little more time to become emotionally ready. Being emotionally ready for sex is just as crucial as being physically ready, so give yourself as much time as you need to get back to your normal sex life.

The likelihood of pregnancy is another factor to consider before resuming sexual activity. Even if you haven’t started your period yet, ovulation can occur soon after an abortion. If you do not want to become pregnant, it is critical that you use condoms or another kind of birth control. Only condoms can protect you from sexually transmitted illnesses such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Consult your healthcare provider about birth control choices or use condoms to avoid pregnancy because you can become pregnant soon after having an abortion, even if you are still bleeding. However, if there were complications with the procedure, or infection during or before the abortion, it is advised that you wait until your body has recovered completely, or wait until the doctor gives the green light, before engaging in sexual activity. Additionally, using contraception is crucial to prevent another unintended pregnancy.

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