Who am I without my gender?

Gender identity is the way we view ourselves either according to the gender we were assigned at birth based on your sex (whether you were born make or female) or something that you develop internally (such as identifying as a boy even though you were born a girl). We often place a lot of value in our gender – even when gender is forced on us (which it should never be).  Our gender is a part of who we are but it is not the only thing that makes us who we are. People around the world are beginning take control and choosing how to see themselves. But who are you without your gender? 


We are all human before anything else. Our humanity is what unites us all and in our humanity we are equal. When we see ourselves as humans first we are able to show more kindness, tolerance, patience and love for each other.


When we remove our gender identity, we begin to see how much more capable we are at achieving our goals. We become more confident to take on challenges. We begin to believe that we can do anything we put our mind to.


We are worth the compliment, the applaud and worth the rewards we receive for our hard work. When we free ourselves from gender roles and gender stereotypes, we become more open and more accepting of who we become.


We all have something special and important to give to our family, community and society at large. When we think differently about who we are and what we can do, we allow ourselves to offer something valuable to others.

There is so much more to us as people. We have the power to choose how we want to live and behave. We are allowed to think of ourselves as beautiful, intelligent and enough. It is important to feel free to be yourself and go for what you want. When you are true to yourself, you allow others to be themselves too. Remember that our humanity brings us all together. It allows us to believe in our abilities. When we feel capable and worthwhile, we are able to share acceptance, love and respect with others. 

Choma, what kind of ways do you describe yourself?  Share your thoughts.

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