Why is breast cancer awareness important?

Breast cancer is a disease whereby cells grow and multiply in an abnormal manner in the breast tissue. Raising awareness around breast cancer can help lots of women detect their symptoms early and possibly get treatment. It’s your responsibility to learn about your breast health and ways to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in the future. Here’s more about why breast cancer awareness is important.

Myths and misconceptions

A lot of people don’t have the correct information about breast cancer. These misconceptions are often harmful as they can cause you to overlook early symptoms of breast cancer.


Breast cancer awareness helps educate people about the nature of the disease, what signs and symptoms to look out for and what to expect when getting treatment after diagnosis. Without this information, most people wouldn’t know what to look out for and how to take care of their breasts.

With accurate information you can educate your loved ones about breast self-examinations, getting screened and knowing what symptoms to look out for.

Ending stigma

People who get diagnosed with breast cancer tend to go through a lot of different emotions. This can be scary and lonely for women and men but when awareness is raised about how common breast cancer is, it can help affected people normalise talking about the disease and their experiences. Breast cancer awareness also helps people get the support they need without being stigmatised.

Showing support

By raising awareness, people can learn to be sensitive to people who are diagnosed with breast cancer. When we have the right information, we are able to pass it on to our loved ones and help them take care of themselves.

Raising breast cancer awareness is important mostly because it gives you access to the right information that can help you and your loved ones learn more about the disease, and ways to reduce the risks of developing it. To get the right information, you can always visit your nearest clinic and speak to a healthcare professional.

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