Why Is Your Sexual and Reproductive Health Important?

Young people need to pay close attention to reproductive health issues. The word “reproductive health” generally means the health and well-being of both men and women regarding sexuality, pregnancy, birth, and related problems. In this article, concerns about pregnancy and STIs, particularly HIV, are the main topics.

Let’s talk about the importance of understanding sexual and reproductive health. Talking about sexual and reproductive health is looked down upon in several societies. Two major issues facing young people in many countries are teenage pregnancies and a high percentage of HIV infections. However, nothing is done to address the underlying issue. Therefore, turning the wheel now requires action.

Health issues can result from sexual and reproductive health neglect:

  • For females in the fertile age range, difficulties with reproductive health are a major cause of chronic illness and death.
  • Lack of SRH (Sexual and Reproductive Health) knowledge during puberty for teenagers can cause a variety of problems and prevent healthy emotional, physical, and mental growth.
  • Unsafe abortion during pregnancy can cause permanent damage to a young woman’s reproductive system, making it difficult for them to have children in future.
  • Due to ignorance and lack of information, there is an increase in STI cases among disadvantaged female young people.
  • Unsafe sexual activity is common among youth. As a result, unwanted pregnancies, early births, STIs including HIV/AIDS, and unsafe abortions occur. Young people frequently experience sexual assault or exploitation, especially women. These dangers have the potential to have negative physical, psychological, social, and financial effects.

Why is it important to learn about sexual and reproductive health?

An individual’s total health, particularly their sexual and reproductive health, is important. Sexual and reproductive health education is therefore very important for young people. The following are the key goals of SRH education:

  • Any teenager can learn about their reproductive system during puberty with the use of SRH information.
  • It raises youths’ understanding of safe sexual behaviour.
  • The SRH training provides education in the prevention of STIs like HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis, and HPV infection.
  • It encourages a safe pregnancy and delivery and protects against viral infections for both the mother and baby.
  • A complete understanding of early pregnancy, birth control options, pregnancy care, postpartum care for the mother and child, infertility, and many other topics is provided via SRH education.

Sexually transmitted illnesses like HIV might spread as a result of a lack of sexual and reproductive health care. Therefore Chomas, the total physical, mental, and social well-being of a person’s reproductive system and sexual health at all phases of life is referred to as sexual and reproductive health. It includes things like safe sex, the ability to choose one’s own sexual partners, awareness of various contraception options, and reproductive ability. Take care and always be safe.

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